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Foulke oral history project

Everyone has a story to tell, so why not share yours? Get out a notepad and jot down some memories to share when you come to the 2008 reunion or just talk off the top of your head when you get there. We plan to have a good listener and recording equipment to conduct oral history interviews.

Send an email to Chairman Bruce Foulke at to reserve a one-hour appointment to contribute to our unwritten family history. We've got a good collection of names and dates that we're passing on to future generations, but we want them to get the flavor of who we were, too.

Your stories of family history are unique, valuable treasures for the family. Irretrievable information is slipping away from us with every moment. This project aims to catch and hold valuable history for future generations to enjoy. Just imagine how thrilling it would be to have the family history stories from those ancestors who attended the reunion in 1898. We can plan to make that possible in the future by leaving an oral history for the 400th anniversary reunion in 2098. Here are a few things we'd like for people to talk about (and which might get your memory going):

  • What would you like for reunion attendees in 2098 to remember about you? Who are you and how are you related to Edward and Eleanor?
  • What did your parents or grandparents tell you about the Foulke family? When did you hear first about the emigration of Edward and Eleanor and who told you?
  • What do you remember about your ancestors? What stories do you recall having heard about the family history?
Still not sure what we're thinking? Here's a sample clip from an already-conducted interview with Lila Hodges about her Foulke family memories: Lila Hodges audio clip (MP3 format).

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