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The Foulke Family Association

The Foulke family is unique in that after 300 years we still have a sense of family and are still in touch.  The goal of the Foulke Family Association (FFA) is to keep this communication intact for another 300 years.  Anyone who is a descendant of Edward and Eleanor Foulke or a spouse of a descendant is automatically a member of the family association.

  • Chairman's Welcome — A special greeting for Foulkes from Committee Chairman Bruce Foulke.
  • Who & What we are — Find out the details of the FFA's mission, bylaws, and who does what.
  • FFA News — Catch up on the latest news from the executive board and editorial board.
  • Committee Reports — Get the nitty-gritty from our finance committee.
  • FFA Newsletters — See copies of all Foulke Family Association newsletters that have been mailed out.

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