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The Memorial Volume for the 300th Foulke Family Reunion is Available

Yes, it's still available. The 300th year Reunion Memorial Volume can be ordered. Use the order blank below or your own version of it.

This 144-page coffee table quality book can be a wonderful piece of heritage for you and your children.

One of the things that has made our family so strong is the incredible amount of documentation that our ancestors left.

The volume contains everything from land surveys to exhortations to the family from the 200th year reunion.

This volume documents the 300th year reunion from the initiation of its planning in 1989 through the actual event itself and the follow up years.

Included in the volume are reports of all of the committees that were responsible for various aspects of the reunion. Also included are the scripts of presentation, plays and songs that entertained us for three days in 1998. And most important, included in the volume are pictures, pictures, and pictures. Color photos, as many as possible with captions, are included. Most impressive is the large, group photo of over 800 descendants and their families as a fold out along with a numbered list that identifies each individual in the photo. No more wondering who's in the group picture.

This may be the last opportunity to obtain an important part of the Foulke history. In 1990, it was a treasure to find a copy of the out-of-print 1898, 200th reunion volume. Make sure that all of the descendants you may have, who may plan the 400th reunion in 2098 have the record of the 300th reunion in 1998.

Click here for the order form!

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