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Edward's Account of His Voyage

"... We lived at a place called Coed-y-foel, a beautiful farm belonging to Roger Price, Esq. of Rhiwalas, a Merionethshire, aforesaid.  But in process of time, I had an inclination to remove my family to the Province of Pennsylvania; and in order there, to we set out on the 3d day of the 2d month, A.D. 1698, and came in two days time to Liverpool where, with divers others who intended to go on the voyage, we took shipping the 17th of the same month on board the Robert and Elizabeth, and the next day set sail for Ireland, where we arrived and stayed until the first of the third month, May, and then sailed again for Pennsylvania, and were about eleven weeks at sea.  And the sore distemper of the bloody flux broke out in the vessel, of which died in our passage, five and fourty persons.  The distemper was so mortal that two or three corpses were cast overboard each day while it lasted.

"But through the favor of Mercy and of Divine Providence, I with my wife and nine children escaped that sore mortality, and arrived safe in Philadelphia, the 17th of the 5th month, July, where were kindly received and hospitably entertained by our friends and old acquaintances."