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Red Sox Pitcher Keith Foulke

Foulkes around the country are watching the Boston Red Sox closely in the 2004 World Series. They weren't disappointed to see a cousin, Keith C. Foulke, pitching in every game of the series. Keith also played a prominent role in the sixth game of the series for the league pennant against the Yankees.

Keith is descended from Edward and Eleanor Foulke through their son Hugh, his son Samuel, his son Judah, his son Thomas, his son Nathan and his son Silas. Silas was Keith's great-great grandfather.

Those who were at the 1998 reunion will remember that Keith donated several autographed baseballs for the silent auction and sent his regrets that he could not be with the rest of his family. Several close relatives, including his great-aunt, were in attendance.

In Saturday's game, Keith pitched in the last two innings, allowing one hit and striking out three batters. He was formally awarded the win in the game. He was the closing pitcher in all four games of the series.

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