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About the Foulke Family Website

This is version 1.0 of the Foulke Family Website, last edited on Fri Feb 2 00:56:00 2001.

The Foulke Family Association decided to create a web site in October of 1998, shortly after the reunion.  At it's October meeting, a charter was approved and Andy Gammill was appointed as the webmaster.  Bill Foulke Spencer V was appointed as the Site Manager and charged with proposing policy to the Editorial Board.  The Board oversees the content of the site and consists of two members of the Committee, the webmaster, the site manager, and one family member at large.

The policies set down by the Editorial Board are final, although the full committee performs a review of the site once a year.

The Development Team

The site itself was designed by Webmaster Andy Gammill and is maintained by Gammill and two associate webmasters, Bill Spencer and Andy Foulke.  Gammill and Spencer serve one year terms in their roles, and Foulke has an indefinite term.  All of the pages within the site have been created by descendants of Edward and Eleanor Foulke.  If you are interested in learning HTML or how to maintain a web site, let the team know by sending e-mail to, and they'll sign you up.

Privacy Policy

The FFA realizes that privacy is very important to members of the family and has planned accordingly in the website.  Certain sections of the site are limited to family members who have registered with the FFA through regular mail.  Photographs of living persons are only used with permission, and e-mail addresses outside of the domain are not posted to the public part of the site.

Copyright Law respects United States and International copyright laws, and all content is used with permission.  The Foulke Family Association holds copyright on all content published as being from the Foulke Herald.  Some documents included are in the public domain and do not need permission.  All other documents, photographs, or pieces of art work are used with the permission of the author or artist.

The Coat of Arms

The coat of arms used on the site, Vert Chevron inter three wolves' heads, erased argent, is registered with the College of Arms in London, England by William G. Foulke, Sr., a member of the Executive Committee of the Foulke Family Association.  Somerset Herald Thomas Woodcock researched the line and attested that the coat of arms belongs to Edward Foulke and his male heirs.

Section last updated February 02, 2001
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